Friday, 10 May 2013

Winds of Uncertainty

Shirt - Garage
Dress shirt - stolen from Dad
Shorts - American Eagle
Shoes - GH Bass
Earrings - Etsy: Made by LinLin
Bag - Michael Kors

Some days are windy and rainy, and that's just life. There is nowhere with a perfect climate; even in tropical islands, the monsoon season will overwhelm the area with rains so thunderous, that its typical aura of paradise will be swept away.

And some pictures are wrong in all sorts of ways: awful hair blowing around everywhere, awkward positions of body parts. But I'm learning to appreciate the wealth I have, for being able to enjoy (too many) clothes and having an iPhone to embark on this fashion journey.

I'm learning that the weather will not always cooperate with what I'm wearing, resulting in puffy areas of my dress shirt. I'm learning that some days my headbands are too tight and hurt my head, but other (windy) days, I wish for nothing else but a headband to control my hair.

But I think I'm happy. This (school) year has been a real struggle for me, in many many ways, but I got through it. Day one of (almost) freedom was spent at Pacific Mall and Super Sale Guys Toronto.... Both were extremely disappointing shopping wise; I didn't need to buy anything anyway.

In running this blog, I hope more than anything that I'll learn not to want to buy more clothes. And hopefully y'all can too.

Diana Yoon

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