Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day! Part 2

I made the card with this youtube video, and the pompom flowers with this step-by-step guide! They were both relatively easy to make, and are flowers that could very well last forever.

And here's my lovely lovely mom! She's honestly the greatest person in my life, from driving me around (though really, I should be using transit more often!) to making me incredibly yummy food, to being someone I can gossip about all of my friends to (kidding! mostly! haha...). She's not my style inspiration, in any way shape or form... I constantly beg for her to dress up a little more, because I think she is beautiful, but alas. However, she is my inspiration in terms of strength, perseverance, kindness, and love. 

So Happy Mother's Day, mom. I will miss you so very much when I'm off to college in the fall, but I know it will only bring us closer. 
Diana Yoon


  1. Good question :) Supposedly Bare Minerals is listed as an all natural makeup brand. Korres is my latest favorite, and the lip butter in the photo is very good! I also love their bath & body range. Dr. Bronner is also on my list! :) I'm pretty tempted to try Inika next (saw it on FeelUnique) :) If you have any suggestions feel free to add!