Thursday, 16 May 2013

Why yes, I am pulling off "The Children's Place"

Denim Jacket - Children's Place
Dress - Clothing Swap
Boots - Nine & Co.

As you can probably tell from the lovely detailing of the denim jacket, this is a children's jacket. I've got to say, the clothes at Children's Place are quite ridiculous for a 17 year old to wear. I mean, look at this stuff!
However, it's not all bad! I must say that the flowers and butterflies embroidered on to my own jacket are pretty tacky, but they're not completely unwearable. I must have grabbed this out of the old clothes pile that my mom donated away several years or months ago, and placed it at the back of my closet... for that's exactly where I found it this morning! I was originally going to wear some sort of cardigan (navy or grey, perhaps?) until I stumbled upon this jacket. Even though the flowers and butterflies look a tad out of place, the girly girly cut of the dress and the fun purple colour, makes the outfit look relatively put together. 

So whenever you feel like you're never going to wear a piece of clothing again, give it another chance! Perhaps it can show you a new perspective (like how to wear children's clothing without looking 5 years old!)

And so, on that note, just so I don't completely over do it with the childishness, I decided to wear these lovely ankle boots. They're comfy, well worn in, and add a little edge to the outfit! Like, even with all the embroidered flowers, I mean business! kind of edge. Haha.... But anyway, here is yet another example of wearing shoes that are the same colour as your tights. 

Here's to hoping that the weather will warm up enough that I'll be able to forgo the tights entirely and show some leg. 

Diana Yoon


  1. Thank you for the follow, i followed you back
    You're style is adorable and i love all your denim pieces :)

    krystle xo.

  2. haha I love how you just used the childrens jacket very creative, and it looks great on you!


  3. What a lovely dress!