Sunday, 19 May 2013

Quick Fix & Great Wolf Lodge!

Dress - Pacific Mall 
Dress Shirt - No tag? Hand-me-down from family friend?
Shoes - Crocs

First off, sorry for not posting the past two days! I went to Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water park) straight after school on Friday and didn't come back home until late late yesterday. It was a great little trip though! (More pictures under the read more!)

Anyway, this is my Friday's outfit. There is quite a difference between the two pictures: the sleeves. The second picture was how I started off wearing it, and the first one is the fix. I suppose when I first attempted to wear the dress shirt with this dress (which has a super pretty print!), I assumed that the sleeves sticking out wouldn't look horrendous... How wrong I was! The collar looks great, though most of it is covered by my hair (oops!), but the sleeves just don't work. So, by shoving in those awful awful sleeves, I manage to get instantly puffier sleeves on the dress and get rid of the horrific dress shit sleeves peeking out.

My shoes look a tad out of place, as well. They're the only crocs I own that actually kind of look like crocs, with the little holes at the end and such. One day, I'll do a post with just my crocs (and maybe Crocs company will love me enough to send me a free sample, hahahaha). There really isn't any brown in my outfit though, which is why my shoes look out of place. I must say, these were worn kind of out of convenience rather than style because I needed waterproof shoes for Great Wolf Lodge. 

Also, ah I must remember to take my hair elastics off my wrist! Such a little detail that draws unnecessary attention to my other wrist... when really I just want you to notice my Pandora bracelet! Since I wear it every day, I haven't added it to the list of what I'm wearing (though really, it's hardly informative because I don't shop brands a lot of the time). Should I? Let me know!

Here's a shameless selfie from my trip! And then a picture with my brother (he has some vampire teeth thing in his mouth...). Also, an old loose cardigan makes a great swim suit cover up!

But unfortunately, as much as it feels like summer has officially started, I do have a french exam tomorrow (which I reaaally need to study for). So bye y'all and have a great Victoria Day weekend!

Diana Yoon


  1. Your hair is gorgeous! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much! It's only super purple in the light though, haha.

  2. I need that dress in my life!!!! :D

    Your latest follower, Lauren x

    1. Aw, thanks! I really love it too. Followed you!

  3. Sounds amazing would love to go to a waterpark sometime soon but there isn't many here!

    I love the dress. xx

    1. No water parks in England? How awful! Thanks though. (: