Thursday, 30 May 2013

Air (of) Superiority Blue

Dress shirt - Old Navy 
Skirt - Forever 21 
Heels - GH Bass 

Hey y'all! Missed me? I hope so, but more importantly - I'm really quite sorry that I have not been posting the past couple of days. See, my home Internet bandwidth for four people is a measly 60GB. 2GB a day doesn't actually seem that small... But when you factor in the fact that I watch shows on Netflix (Skins UK, Drop Dead Diva), my brother watches shows on Netflix (Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom), my mom watches random Korean reality shows and my dad watches golf things/Korean news... It's almost impossible to stay under the limit. So at the end of each month, our family must disconnect from our electronic devices. Sometimes we manage to last the month, or we just have to pay more on our bill.

But anyway, so that's why I've been MIA the past little bit. I'm currently writing this at my high school (which I don't ever really need to come back to, but keep doing anyway.) Lovely.

You know how I've been saying that I need to stop buying more clothes? Right... that's not really working. I bought this dress shirt at Old Navy for $10... Fast fashion is bad... Yeah... I've been saying this for so damn long, but NO MORE SHOPPING THIS SUMMER. NOT EVEN IF IT'S UNDER $5 and GORGEOUS. If at any point in the next three months (unless I go to Korea, then I'm absolutely breaking this rule), I break this promise, call me out on it! I'll buy you food or something, equivalent to how much money I spent on shopping. Deal? Deal.

Anyways, I had to stop writing because periods change at school and I lost my interrupted access to a computer... Alas, here I am at McDonalds late at night (10pm is fairly late), sipping a $1 ice coffee and writing away. This is the good life guys. (No, not at all).

What have I been doing the past few days? Desperately trying to clean out my room and getting frustrated, so living and sleeping in an absolutely ridiculous pile of clothes. Seeing a couple of friends here and there. Rolling around in my inadequacy.... Hahahaha. Time for the next post!

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