Thursday, 23 May 2013

Busy patterns for Busy Days

T-Shirt - Old Navy
Shorts - American Eagle
Shoes - Toms
Bag - Gifted? Can't find a tag.

Today was a crazy hectic day. I needed clothes that would be comfortable to walk in all day; I should have brought a cardigan, it was freezing cold... Also, socks with toms are not a good idea. Look at the first picture above, then at the second one, then back at the first to see how much prettier Toms look without socks. Yeah.

Here is a relatively good summary of my day, minus the group picture of show choir! My friend Cindy and I went downtown (Toronto) to go prom dress shopping for her, and had some yummy lunch as well. Then I missioned back to school for my school's spring concert Printempo!

So, we went to Eaton Centre where she found dresses she liked at BCBG (out of our price range). Then we walked down Queen Street into Garment District, to go to Fashion Crimes, Original, Just Miss, etc. We found some nice dresses, but either out of her price range entirely or she didn't like it enough. Oh well... Also, the dresses in the picture above were totally just for jokes. Neither of our prom dresses will be that ridiculous. There are worse ones we tried on, but she might just kill me if I upload them onto the internet!

We had lunch at Kinton Ramen, which had a cute atmosphere and decent food. I didn't love my vegetarian option (because I wanted broth, but all of their broths are meat based...), but I think Cindy quite enjoyed hers! All in all, it was a really really fun day of exploring and adventuring.

And after a full day of this (10am to 7pm), I rushed all the way to school for our high school's spring concert: Printempo. Show Choir deserves a post on its own, just because I love them so so much, but that's for a later date (when I have the pictures!).

But every year, at the end of Printempo, the seniors involved in the music department graduating receive roses and just get a little nod of appreciation. I can't believe it was already my turn to go up to the stage for this. Crazy how graduation traditions are happening already. I FEEL OLD GUYS.

Anyway, it was a really super hectic day and I'm exhausted but I STAYED UP TO WRITE THIS OKAY. Haha, I do love love having somewhere to express my thoughts at the end of the day. It's also really wonderful having these reflections of my days. Sometimes I can't even remember what I did last week, much less last year. With this, I'll be able to do so! I hope you're enjoying this as much as I am. Leave me comments!\

Diana Yoon

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