Friday, 24 May 2013

Casual Flowy Pants

Pants - xhiliration (Hand me down anyway)
Shirt - No tag
Cardigan - SWS (???)
 Shoes - Aldo

 It is not okay to be this freezing cold. I stayed indoors all day, as a lovely lovely friend Vidhya came over to hang out and talk and such.... but I walked her out (forcing her to take pictures of me) then promptly went back inside to change into warmer winter-y clothes.

If it was a tad warmer though, I think it would have been absolutely perfect for going out shopping or something of the sort. The pants have such a breezy summer-y feel to them! Really should get myself a pair of harem pants, because I love feeling like I'm not wearing pants haha... which is why I'm in dresses as much as possible.

My friend is off to India tomorrow, and I so so wish I could travel as well this summer. It would be incredible if I could go to Korea, but alas probably not going to happen because of the awful financial situation I'm stuck in. But hey! This could be a really great airplane outfit as well. Comfy pants, comfy everything really (except the shoes, sort of).

It's the weekend, y'all! For me though, every day feels like a weekend because I have almost nothing to do. (This is not true; there are lots of things I could be doing but don't feel like doing - namely my G1 Test which I have put off for 2 years).

Have a lovely weekend! Hopefully the weather here in Mississauga picks up soon!

Diana Yoon

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