Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sunshine Makes Studying Harder

Shirt - Old Navy
Scarf - H&M
Shorts - ?
Shoes - GH Bass
Sunglasses - Aldo

Today was a lovely sunny day, so I grabbed a picnic blanket and tried to study outdoors. However, the weather was perfect and I just wanted to lounge around and rest and sleep and eat and read (for pleasure, not my psychology or history textbooks).

So I tried to wear a bright colour to motivate me to study, but that didn't work either. At around 5pm, I grabbed myself a green tea frappuccino; then at 7pm, I went for a short walk around the neighbourhood with my friend Jenny! Needless to say, my evening has been a lot less productive than it should have been.

The shorts in this outfit are a lot less flattering than I want them to be, and I'd like to figure out some way to wear them so they don't look so awkward. Am I overthinking this? Let me know! I have a comment section for a reason! It'd be nice to see some of other people's thoughts on what a lovely job I'm doing on this blog (haha, or not).

Hoping the weather stays this wonderful forever! (But it won't. But hey a girl can dream!)

Diana Yoon


  1. you're dressed like you're 40 <3 yes it looks awkward as fuck

  2. Awkward... I just saw this! How could I fix it? Shorter shorts?

  3. ^LOL wtf, haha. I died a little.
    Loving the scarf! - Claudia