Sunday, 26 May 2013

Azure Mist Ambles

Dress shirt - Club Monaco
T-Shirt - No tag?
Jeans - Urban Planet
Wedges - Call It Spring

amble: a walk at a leisurely pace, for pleasure

I always think that the nice detailing at the top of jeans is often overlooked if tshirts are just a bit too long; I like this tee because it fits well and has a good length hem. I suppose this summer, I'd like to properly hem and alter all of the clothes I really like that don't fit perfectly, before I'm off to university.

Also, I'm quite quite in need of a job. I've applied to quite a few places as of now, but the job hunt is still fruitless. Someone please hire me? Here's my LinkedIn.

Off to see Epic with my younger brother tonight! Quite quite excited. Toodles!

* Diana Yoon

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