Monday, 20 May 2013

Happy END OF IB err... Victoria Day!

Boots - GH Bass
Beret - Gifted from Dad? No tag
Dress - Gift from Aunt? Ladish? Korean Brand? 
Cardigan - Giovani Woman? Korean Brand? 
**Note: I apologize for being really awful at this... Tips?

When you start high school, you don't start off thinking that it's going to change you. See, you walk in, as a scared and shy little freshman, hoping to make the best of your next four years here. Maybe you're excited! Maybe you're pessimistic. Maybe you're bitter that middle school was so darn awful. There are lots of maybes. But the biggest maybe of all, is that maybe high school will be the best four years of your life.

The thing is, it won't be. And if it is, because maybe it is for some people or maybe tragically you'll die young and high school will be all you get to experience, that's okay too. But in all likelihood, it won't be. But either way, you've only lived about 13 years when you start, and you only probably remember vividly the years after 7, so yeah statistically, it might be up until that point.

Where I'm going with this, is that high school is a lot of different things for a lot of different people, but when it's all done and over with, it's all the same. Everyone has good memories from high school; everyone has awful ones as well... and then there are the dull, average days that just will go by with no recollection at all. That's okay.

And it's okay to realize you've changed at the end of it, because honestly no one wants to be the same person they were 4 years ago. If you can graduate high school without cringing at the sight/mention of your grade 9 Facebook posts, I applaud you! But really, change is good. Maybe the circumstances that caused you to adapt, grow, learn, were not the best (like divorce, death, illnesses, etc.), but somehow you've gotten through it enough to sit here reading this.... so it must have been alright, somehow and in some way.

When I woke up this morning, at around 7:30am because I had to go to school on Victoria Day (when everyone else was enjoying their holiday off), I didn't dress thinking that this was the last official day I had to go to high school. We even had to sign a permission form getting our parents to authorize our absences the next month... the VP wouldn't let us leave until we did so (or promised to hand it in tomorrow or something).

When I got dressed this morning, I dressed for the free Lady Antebellum concert at Yonge & Dundas Square today... plaid and boots! (I very much regretted the boots in 27 degrees Celsius weather... oh well...) I threw on a beret for some luck on the SL French exam! (But like really, it was too warm for it too... and I can't really rock it well haha).

But it's pretty darn representative of who I am. I love prints (though I do not own enough of them, nor is this one very funky); I love dresses! And, I'm genuinely very very happy.

Here's a photo collage of my day!

Y'all don't mind being on my blog right? Well, keeping you three nameless anyway!

So here's to the summer before the next chapter of my life! Here's to more fantastic days like this one, with the most amazing friends I could ever ask for (how am I going to find other friends who allow me to cling/be sticky as much as y'all do?!). Here's to being done IB, one heck of a journey! And here's to change, for better or for worse!

Diana Yoon

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