Thursday, 30 May 2013

Atomic Tangerine


Top - QED London
Skirt - Sirens
Shoes - Crocs
Purse - Coach
atomic: minute, small
(I'm being a tad lazy with this one, but the first two letters aren't the same and I don't feel like adding another word...!) Anyway, atomic is a cool word. I wish it meant like, "amazing" because saying "Dude, that's atomic" sounds really awesome... 

Hey y'all. Today was the first day to hit 30 degrees Celsius here in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). I wanted to wear something that would keep me cool (which this top fulfilled! Such lovely flowy thin fabric). I bought it a few days ago, possibly a week ago (I can't keep track of the days) because it was $3.50. (No this does not count in the promise I made in my previous post, because I bought this beforehand!). But the pretty scalloped hem and neckline, the lovely polka dots.... absolutely irresistible!

I must say, I regret wearing the shoes just a bit though. All my crocs have expanded/stretched out quite a bit since I first bought them, making these a little too big for me. Thus, the part of my foot above the heel/back of my ankles? are kind of scraped. I'm trying to come up with a way to fix this, but I have no ideas thus far.

I must say, I think this (and my most recent previous post!) have definitely been my favourite outfits since the start of this blog. Have I gotten better at posing too? Honestly, I'm so awkward when I get my friends to take pictures of me.... the best ones always tend to be with a self timer. Anyone else feel the same?

Also, good news! I have two job interviews on Friday (tomorrow!) yayayayayay! If I get either job, you will not have to hear my complaints of job hunting and the like for quite some time! They were both food places (though I desperately wanted a retail job), but I'm ecstatic! I hope I make a good impression in real life; sometimes I'm a tad insecure about the fact that perhaps I sound better on paper than I do in real life.

It's warm again tomorrow, so more sunny weather clothing! I was wearing a cardigan today when I left home, but promptly took it off. (It's why my purse is so bulky looking!) Thin cardigans are super in the summer time, because you can scrunch them up and put them in a purse when it's too hot, and take it back out in the evenings when it gets a tad chillier.

Lots of love! Have a great week! (Signatures are overrated, y'all know my name, right?)

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