Thursday, 9 May 2013

Free as a Bird

Skirt - American Eagle 
Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes - Timberland (borrowed from Zona)
Necklace & Headband - Aldo

On this lovely day of this incredibly tedious day, I finally finished IB exams (minus French... But haha it's in a week and a half so I don't care). It also was sunny and raining for a little bit today, which is my favourite kind of weather! Pathetic fallacy perhaps?

So on this day of "freedom", I decided to channel the aura of a bird, which the whimsical skirt and feathery accessories. My friend accidently touched my headband instead of my head, and said it felt like a dead rat.... lovely. But no! Feathers! Because birds can fly! Anywhere! And still they stay (unless they're migrating south or something).

This freedom leaves me with a sense of emptiness, as the past few weeks, as hectic as they were, had structure and meaning. I went to UTM library day after day, night after night; it was a routine that I followed religiously. And I did (mostly) study! It was productive in a lot of ways, though sometimes it wasn't.

So, here are some preliminary goals for my next little while:

  • Get a part/full time summer job! 
  • Learn to upcycle more crafts and clothing
  • Clean out my room
  • Get some exercise?!
  • And possibly learn some French.... just possibly.
Also, do y'all like the new header?! I worked pretty tirelessly on it. I'm hoping to showcase some real pictures of my lovely hedgehog Quiver sometime soon, so please come check back! 

Diana Yoon

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