Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Coat-Worthy Coldness

Jeggings + T-Shirt - Garage
Coat - Urban Behaviour
Shoes - Crocs 

The downside of posting this often, when my life isn't all that interesting, is that I have very little to write about... so I think, until I start writing (hopefully). Does this even make sense?

It's still too cold. Maybe I'm catching a cold? I can never tell... until I become violently sick. I had to unfortunately pull this lovely coat out from my winter storage today, because all of my spring jackets were much much too thin to wear. How can you tell whether it's time to start putting things in storage or not? Should you wait just a little bit longer than you want to, in case mother nature becomes unpredictable? Should you jump on it as soon as you can tell the weather is changing up? Start wearing more layers instead?

I think I enjoy layers more when I know that it's more for fashion fun, then actual necessity. Thus, on freezing days like today, I forgo-ed layers almost entirely and just went out of the house with a t-shirt and a coat on top. On the other hand, on pretty, summery days like in a post from a couple of days ago, I adore layering for the heck of it.

Today was a bit of a lazy outfit, which I tried to improve with the fancyish coat and matching nude/caramel wedges. Can you believe they're Crocs? Fantastic!

I'm also a huge fan of scrunchies! If they're large and scrunchy enough... It adds colour to my hair! What do y'all think? Yes to scrunchies or a big scrunchy no? Let me know!

Diana Yoon


  1. Thanks for your comment :) I really like this coat the colour really suits you and I like the colour of your scrunchie the colour really pops out against the colour of your hair!