Saturday, 11 May 2013

Amazing Green Race!

 Jeans - Garage
Shirt - EcoSource
Denim Shirt - Garage
Shoes - Keds
Headband - Aldo
Earrings - Made by LinLin 

Today was the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance's Amazing Green Race Day! Super exciting stuff, y'all. As an executive member, I got to help run the entire event (based on the Amazing Race) which had 100+ students from Mississauga and Brampton travel around by transit (or bike!) and go to different eco-challenges. It was an incredible day! I was stationed at Riverwood Conservancy for most of the day, and went to Sheridan to see everyone for the finale!

But, I had to wear this shirt today.... which is not a complaint, just a statement. Okay, it's sort of a complaint. It's not an ugly shade of grey or anything hideous, but it's a tad too large on me and has that awful circular high neckline that I generally can't stand. I decided to solve the largeness by tucking in the shirt, and wearing a denim shirt on top. A denim jacket could have been nice too (but I don't own any, and it might have been too stiff to move around in).

The shoes are quite dirty, and the jeans are discoloured, because of the stewardship I did today! I swear these jeans are perfectly black (and I adore them for it). Here's a picture below:

Getting out into the community to do environmental stewardship is a great way to spend your time! Especially if the weather is nice, like it was today! (Thank goodness it didn't rain! It was pouring yesterday.) Stay green!

Diana Yoon

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