Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Prefect (Perfect) Day

Dress - Zizimo (Korean brand?)
Cardigan - Papaya
Shoes - Call It Spring
SLYTHERIN PREFECT Badge - Gifted from Kelly

Today was a really wonderful day because my HL History exam, which I've been complaining about studying for forever and ever, was really quite good (I hope!). But I didn't think it would be, so I pulled out an outfit that would make me feel like I looked good, even if I didn't feel so great (but I did! So just a lovely bonus, I suppose!).

Anyway, I wasn't sure how well this cardigan would go with the dress, because of the purplish tones of the print contrasted with the faded dark green. But I think it was alright! I would have liked to maybe put a belt on, to cinch in the cardigan... it's a little too flowy everywhere right now.

The print of this dress though honestly is fantastic. I love the little rice shaped petals in orange, giving the dress a bit of warmth, and the design of the two different flowers. The print is small enough that it doesn't look excessive from far away, but is really quite exquisite up close.

I apologize profusely for the ugliness of my nails. I've been meaning to either remove them off entirely or repaint them, but haven't gotten around to it because of the timing of my exams. I think I shall tomorrow evening though! When I'm done done done done! Haha not really, but close enough!

It's really quite exciting. Being done high school soon, I'll have the luxury of warm, sunny days to explore and do whatever I feel like. I have to say, I love spring and summer clothing. The freedom of not having to wear tights and layers upon layers, making sure things aren't bulky looking and wearing pants with skinny enough ankles to comfortably wear boots... Fall and winter clothing absolutely does have its perks! But I must say, I'm a sunshine girl.

So, the rest of tonight I'm spending on Cavour, Garibaldi, Mazzini, Bismarck, Napoleon, and Louis XVI. Oh the men in my life tonight are charming, aren't they? Revolutionaries and unificators? Haha.... bye y'all!

Diana Yoon

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