Monday, 13 May 2013

Purple Indigo Casual

Heels - Steve Madden
Long Sleeve Shirt - 
Blazer Cardigan - GarageJeans - 
Headband - Aldo

It's not supposed to be this cold in Mississauga (a suburb outside Toronto) in May! I know we're Canadians, and we're supposed to be able to face the cold... but if the weather teases me with beautiful, sunny 20+ degrees Celsius days, please don't hail the next week. 

Anyway, this outfit is not warm enough for 8-13 degrees Celsuis weather, which was the range today. I just can't justify bringing out the winter/early early spring jackets again. 
The shoes make me super happy though! I bought them at Winners for $18 (+tax). The little blue metallic dot details are lovely. The little bleach dots at the bottom of my jeans compliment the heels well. The belt also matches my headband! Perhaps it's a little too matchy matchy everywhere, but I think it's in small enough doses to justify my choices. 

Diana Yoon


  1. What you say about the weather sounds so familiar! I live in the Netherlands, we had amazing weather one week ago, and now we're facing rain and cold... But your outfit looks great, love the shoes & the pants are amazing!

    ♥ Saskia

    1. Hi Saskia! Oh that's so strange that we have similar weather conditions; I would never have known! Thanks so much for checking out my blog. :)