Sunday, 28 July 2013

From Gardening to a Friend Date...

Bustier - Aritzia? (I'm not home, so I can't check). 
Pants - Joe Fresh
Dress Shirt - Stolen from Dad

So, I apologize for the Hello Kitty socks... I did not feel like getting my muddy running shoes for this picture, and I lie too often about the footwear I'm wearing on the pictures in this blog. 

Anyway, this was this past Thursday (July 25th)! I was gardening in the morning for EcoSource (drop in mornings 8:30am to 11:30am -- come out!), but then I made plans to see my friend Winsha in the evening! We weren't doing anything outrageous, just walking around Lakeshore and getting some food. However, it still guaranteed that I'd have to find something to wear that wasn't ridiculously atrocious and didn't scream "hippie gardener" (though my gardening hat visor is pretty fancy - I'll upload a picture later). 

I thought the bustier top would be pretty enough for the transition, and the loose fitting dress shirt classy enough to be okay. The baggy pants are a little ridiculous, but I didn't feel like wearing tight long pants to garden with and I thought the colours actually went really nicely with each other. Any comments?

On our actual hangout, we had some really tasty Indian food! Some eggplant dish and palak paneer! It wasn't super expensive, and the eggplant was incredible. I liked the paneer enough, but I prefer my Indian dishes to be spicier than the palak paneer was. Also, it was a tad too spinach creamy for my taste. I'd never pick the eggplant on my own though, so I was quite glad that Winsha picked it out and we got to share it. Going to new restaurants is one of my favourite things to do, and trying new foods is definitely something I'd recommend! It's so tempting to fall into the trap of ordering your favourite dishes over and over again, but as much as I wanted to get a chana masala... I was happy I tried a new type of paneer (even if I didn't love it). 

I wish I could upload an incredibly attractive selfie of Winsha and I on my blog, but I promised her I wouldn't. So here's to a wonderful Sunday & an adventurous week! 

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