Thursday, 1 August 2013

CA$H 'N GUN$... at Snakes & Lattes!

Romper - Adidas
Dress Shirt - Hollister
Shoes - Toms
Bag - Michael Kors

Being honest, I didn't actually go to Old Mills Station. We started off the day at Kipling Station then headed off to Bathurst Station to go to Snakes & Lattes, a quirky board game cafe. 

It was quite the interesting experience, as we were able to try out all sorts of weird games we'd never done before such as Ca$h N Gun$ (pictured below, sort of). There is a $5 admission fee, but no one harassed us about buying food (we did get veggie chips) or drinks or being too noisy or asking too many questions. The $5 makes a lot of sense though, as I imagine that the game gurus are pretty ridiculously exhausted after answering everyone's questions on how to play this and how to play that instead of taking the time to read the instruction manuals... 

I really did enjoy my experience here and would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn't hate board games! However, it is a little concerning that there is no time limit for a few reasons: 
  1. If you go at a really busy time like Friday night, you might not be able to get in at all because the cafe will be packed and no one has to leave after a certain time... 
  2. Perhaps this is just me, but it is really draining to sit and think and play board games for hours on end. I think we did about 4 hours, and my brain was positively fried. Just be cautious of how much you're enjoying yourself, and don't feel obligated to stay longer and play more just because you can. 

A few tips:

  • Go as early as possible, so you get into the cafe without a wait. By Friday afternoon when we left (5pm?), it was pretty packed. 
  • Ask the Game Gurus lots of questions! They're there for a reason and it'll save you time and energy instead of deciphering the usually unclear instructions
  • Ask the game gurus for recommendations, or pick one from the Most Popular section, if you're stuck on what game to pick. There are really too many games in their library collection to play all of them, and since you can't try them all out, the Game Gurus will likely give you one that fits what you'd most like to try. 
  • Eat beforehand, so you can stay a couple of hours without needing food. Though they do have food, your tables are not super large, so it's inconvenient to have food squished to the side because of the game board. Also, you're in Koreatown/the Annex, so there are tons of tasty options right across the street! 

Anyway, then my friends and I walked around the area for a bit, looking at cute stationary stores and such. OH I bought these absolutely adorable rabbit stickers (even if I kind of dislike the rabbits that are eating our vegetables at the garden), but I forgot to take a picture of them... Next time! Afterwards, all of them left except Cindy, so we just walked about and got a falafel wrap to share and talked about silly things. 

I rarely have fully free days this summer, so when I do have them, it's really lovely to be able to spend it with friends as great as these, and do such new fun adventurous things. Go out there and have some adventures, people!

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