Thursday, 8 August 2013


This is the shirt I wore today. I was going to do an outfit post until I started freaking out about the stuff I need to do (and hadn't done) for my UK Visa... so I panicked and got stuff done and now I'm exhausted and not ready for tomorrow at all. I also took this picture in practice for my Visa picture because taking neutral faced pictures is so odd...

Oh goodness, I want to just leave everything behind, but more and more I'm learning this summer that I can't just do that. I can't just pretend that everything will be okay if I leave it long enough or that things will work out eventually even if I don't put in any work.

This summer is so draining. I love working this much, and I love knowing that the money will be well well worth it. But after an entire year of basically wilting away (not that this was a good thing), this hectic crazy lifestyle is starting to take its toll on me. I can't burn out before September.

I need to start taking steps to relax and feel at peace with myself. Any suggestions? PS - I find yoga really uncomfortable and strenuous.

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