Sunday, 11 August 2013

Slouchy Florals

T-Shirt : Garage
Dress : Somewhere in Hawaii?
Wedges : Crocs

Slouchy flirty florals. There. My friend Winsha has told me to use the phrase flirty florals in one of my blog posts... so there you go!

But really though, I love love love floral prints for summer. They're so cute and summer-y and flirty and fun. Hahaha wow I sound like a seventeen magazine article or something! But really though, I love prints in general and I think florals (if they're a nice print) are really pretty!

I thought this outfit would be good for getting froyo and walking around the harbour front with some friends! And I had a dress shirt I was going to throw on top (and take the tshirt off) for dinner, but we ended up going to a billards place and then got pizza... so I stuck to this.

OH HEY so it was my first time playing pool! Apparently I'm not terrible yay! But yeah, that was lovely. And then, we got pizza at Pizzaiolo on Lakeshore! Super super yummy Spinotta pizza (spinach, tomatoes, ricotta cheese, mozzarella)!  

Yay so yeah, happy Diana is happy! Y'all should play with me sometime.

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