Thursday, 1 August 2013

Work that Karaoke!

Shirt - Polo Ralph Lauren

So today, I went to work with the tee and dress shirt on... and really thin baggy long grey pants & rain boots. As I've explained before, I garden most of the time I'm at work, so outfits like the one above are not really appropriate for the outdoors (though, almost good enough for the office - the skirt is a tad too short for office wear).

But I later found out that day that instead of having a friend come over to my place (which essentially gives me the right to change into comfy (read: generally ugly) clothing, I was going out with my friends to karaoke! AH, what to do? So I asked my mom to bring me shoes and a navy skirt when she picked me up... which she didn't understand completely. She brought good shoes, but didn't know which skirt I was talking about so brought 4 different skirts! Who knew I had 4 navy skirts (in different fabrics... but still)?!

Anyway! Karaoke with my friends was actually a lot of fun, if more so for the laughing at my friends' interesting accents and tones of voice used to sing various songs from Barbie World to Touch My Body to Rolling in the Deep! We're a pretty chill group, so I didn't feel underdressed as I might have if we were going to a real karaoke bar in downtown Toronto or something. Also, I think my lack of accessories, messy bun, and short jean skirt made my entire outfit feel pretty thrown together and relaxed.

I'm looking forward to this long weekend! I have work tomorrow and Saturday, but Sunday and Monday I'm off camping! Yay! Have an incredible weekend everyone!

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