Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Outdoorsy Chic

I've kind of started to realize that as much as I like clothes, I don't love it. It doesn't excite me as much as I thought it did to find an incredible piece of clothing, or to find new ways to wear certain items in my closet.

These pictures were taken at the PEYA retreat at the PDSB Jack Smythe Field Centre! It is absolutely beautiful, with lots of staghorn sumac trees and white pines etc etc surrounding the area.

The summer retreat is meant to introduce the new PEYA executives for the year to what we're all about and how things work behind the scenes. There's a lot of great leadership workshops to prepare them, and a lot of planning sessions for them to sort out the year. The first thing to come is the September Gathering! This is a picture from last year's September meeting!

The Peel Environmental Youth Alliance (PEYA, as mentioned before) is a great network of environmentally-conscious youth 13-24 in the Peel Region! They have monthly meetings and other special events throughout the year, such as the fall EcoBuzz conference (with past keynote speakers like David Suzuki, Emily Hunter). It's all by youth, for youth - and it's a ton of fun! Regardless of if you care about sustainable transportation or gardening or planting trees, you can probably find someone to talk to at PEYA who shares your passion.

To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't have realized my passion for environmental issues without this incredible group. I was a general member for a year in Grade 10, then became an executive for two years in Grade 11 and Grade 12. Now, as I'm heading off to England, I'm in a small supporting role as a "champion" PEYA Advisory Council member. I hope some of you decide to join PEYA and I'll see you at the last meeting of the year in May!

You can find more information here: http://peyalliance.ca/

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