Sunday, 11 August 2013

Unexpected Happiness!

I had a pretty awful day at work but then I was able to go out fishing with some of my friends! We didn't catch anything, but we saw other people around us catch some nice catfish and crappie?? Haha. Lake Aquitaine is actually quite a nice area! It's where I took my prom pictures (if you remember that from a couple months ago: prom post).

It was pretty ridiculous, because we accidentally bought cream corn instead of regular canned corn... so we were trying to get like creamy corn kernels onto our fishing hooks. The vienna sausages we got also weren't working very well... But to be honest, I think the biggest issue was the lack of patience we all had.

So after a while, we went out to Axia for dinner! Was pretty yummy! Oh I got the Mongolian tofu! HOWEVER, my friends bicker about paying the bill... and so I got yet another dinner for free... I'm not okay with this. I suppose the next time we go out sometime, I'll have to find some way to pay sneakily. (:

Anyways, it's Monday in about an hour! It's a big big big event week at Ecosource this week! (Also, we're hiring full time positions if you're interested!) Wish me luck! And have an incredible week yourselves!

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