Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tea Party!

Dress - Gift from Aunt in Korea
Necklace - Forever 21

This is my dear friend Evelyn, who co-runs a lovely little blog about her (and her roommate's) tea parties. Being an avid reader, I always wanted to go to a tea party of hers; I got that chance today with some PEYA friends. In terms of clothing, I thought I'd don a cute kind of pleated dress and (fake) pearls! Fancy schmancy. 

Evelyn baked us incredibly yummy cookies and cupcakes, and we all got our share of tea (three cups each on average, I think). The sunflowers in the middle were perfectly summery and everything was really quite adorable. I would love to throw a tea party myself (minus the fact that I don't own a single tea cup!)

Today was really quite hectic though, as I started work at 11am this morning and rushed off to this tea party at 2pm (I have a weird break from 2-5pm because we close between lunch and dinner), then back to work by 5pm. I'm really exhausted actually, so I think I'm going to head off to sleep.

I just wanted to end though with a "Hip Hip Hooray! We're done IB! We passed, maybe some with flying colours and maybe some by just a hair... but yay!"

In the end, I'm glad I went through IB, even though I'm not completely entirely happy with my grades. But they really don't matter in any way shape or form. I'll make a lengthy post about IB sometime soon perhaps (or maybe not, because I promised a camping post and that never happened either, did it?)

Sleep tight! (Or good morning, if you're reading this in the morning).

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