Saturday, 13 July 2013


Vest - Thrifted
Dress - Costa Blanca
Shoes - Champion

Every other Friday, EcoSource gives me a Friday off (how lovely!!!) and so this week, I went to the Toronto Zoo! I've wanted to go for a while to see the pandas because they're adorable and because they're the only pandas in Canada for quite some time. 

Zoos are quite an adventure! Lots of walking around; lots of planning to make sure that everyone is hydrated and sun-protected. Also though, to make sure everyone in your party gets to see the animals they want to see. 

It's important to have good walking shoes! My champions are pretty fantastic for walking (and they're entirely black, so I've been wearing them to hostess at Wasabi). The vest was pretty, but pretty awful for the weather. It's kind of a thick material... yet I decided to wear it anyway because of the incredible animals (giraffes, zebras, lions) on it! The dress underneath though was a cute tribal-esque print and a flowy material. Finally, the peacock headband matched the gold detailing on the vest perfectly! 

It's quite unfortunate that I wasn't able to post this earlier (because I was going to early today!) but I forgot to upload the pictures of the pandas and the tapir. Oh well. I'll include them later! Sorry for posting less and less frequently; I wish I could wear pretty clothing and write lovely posts on a daily basis but work just doesn't allow for that. 

Hope y'all are having a superb weekend! 

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