Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Aureolin Affluence

Top - Ambiance Apparel
Shorts - Urban Behaviour
Shoes - Nine & Co
Necklace - Van Heusen 

This was today's (July 2nd) outfit. Realistically, I'm still about two outfit posts behind not including this one... but I think I'll just skip forward to this one because looking back, I'm not a huge fan of the clothes I've been wearing. I went out to eat at Wasabi (where I work) today with my lovely Allison and her brother Edward. It was cute bonding and she seemed to love me very much for taking her out for sushi... she told me it was one of the "best days of summer" which actually makes no sense because we just ate food... and she went to China. So yeah, she has no life but food was nice! (even though I eat it like several times a week!)

I'm trying to figure out some blu-ray player stuff and it's really frustrating, so here's a picture of a cute tapir and have a lovely lovely week.

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