Sunday, 2 June 2013

Pale Pink Pabouche

Skirt - Old Navy 
Cardigan - Old Navy
Belt - Joe Fresh
Shoes - ????? (from Grade 8 Graduation hahah)
T-Shirt - Korea? No tag?? 
pabouche: a slipper, soft shoe

Yesterday was a lazy lazy Saturday, which resulted in me basically changing from pajamas into home lounging comfort clothes (they're really gross). So I tried to dress up a little today, especially because it's nice to look your best for church!

My feet haven't grown at all since Grade 8... which is a tad ridiculous. Also ridiculous is how cute these sandals are, and how I've actually never worn them since then. They're not actually
"pabouches" because they're not soft... but they do slip on? Haha.

In terms of wearing a cardigan, tshirt and skirt combo, you can wear it belt on top or belt underneath the cardigan! It changes the look entirely, don't you think?

The belt on top instantly polishes up the look, making everything look well put together and tidy. The belt under the cardigan, however, has a breezy more casual feel which can be great for some occasions!

Show me how you wear your tshirt skirt cardigan combos! Do you prefer belt on top or under? Anyway, hopefully the weather will get warm enough to not need a cardigan soon!

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