Sunday, 9 June 2013

Grad Breakfast in Pistachio Green

Cardigan - Fenn Wright Manson
Skirt - Ritz I (Chinese brand?)
Top (*actually a dress) - JADE (Korean brand)
Shoes - Nine West
Earrings - Laura 

Friday, June 7th at 7:30am was our grad breakfast. Crazy how time flies by, I remember that day last year (not that I attended it, but it was the day my friend Jad was told he was the valedictorian!)

I borrowed this lovely lovely green skirt from my friend Allison, who's in China right now. So I suppose she was at Grad Breakfast in spirit, because I was wearing her clothing, haha. But I really do love the pleating of it, the length, and of course the polka dots!

We're supposed to dress up for grad breakfast, but I wasn't really too sure what to wear. I didn't think this was actually too fancy, but it is still school, yknow? I thought the material of the skirt and the pearl beading, with my pretty long earrings made it perfectly appropriate for the occasion.

The girl in the second picture is Mathurey! I like how her shoes match her belt, and cream really looks quite stunning on her. She's been one of the best singers in our show choir (and she's beautiful), so shout out to her on my blog!

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