Sunday, 16 June 2013

Moss Green (Camping's over & I'm clean!)

Dress - Korea, gift from Aunt
Shorts (underneath) - Gap (I think?)
Necklace - Van Heusen 

Mona is the girl in the last picture. She's pretty cool. She's off to Baltimore in September and I hope she doesn't get shot. If I were her, I'd be singing Good Morning Baltimore from Hairspray the first morning I wake up there... but I'll have to figure out how to get a British accent in 8 months instead because everyone wants me to come back with one.

I got back from camping today! I promise I'll do a comprehensive post sometime soon about our camping adventure, but the pictures are not uploaded yet (since they're not on my camera). However, the rest of the "Call of the Wild" crew were taking ridiculously long baths/showers and relaxing at home today. As I sit by my computer typing this, I think I should have done so as well... My entire body is sore, but I've yet to turn down a last-minute hang out request (especially from Mona). So I put on nice, clean clothes and headed out the door for some quality bubble tea & dinner, yearbook signing, etc.

My transition from camp clothes (sweaters, sweatpants, rainboots, running shoes - absolute fashion crimes) to normal Diana attire, had to be done slowly. This dress is really flowy and loose, making it comfortable yet pretty. The slits on the side of the dress aren't too visible, but the shorts are only there mostly to not show off way too much skin. I also like how they peek out from the bottom. They're too large for me, which made them really comfy too. The shoes perhaps were badly thought out... but I did need to break them in, which I think I've done! I can now walk in them well and even run in them (carefully).

Yay for clean clothes, clean hair, and lovely lovely friends. I am now exhausted so bye. If there is no post tomorrow (Monday), it will be because I stayed at home all day and slept.

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