Sunday, 9 June 2013

Brave Battleship (Grey)

Top - Disney
Cardigan - Bluenotes
Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Nine West

I'm not usually a huge fan of grey, but I absolutely adore Pixar and Disney movies! I don't think I've written much about this in previous posts, but yes, I'm absolutely enthralled with pretty animations and cute dialogues.

So I got this shirt from a Disney outlet (which has much much better prices for things than the regular Disney stores) and fell in love. The glitter detailing really just makes this tshirt incredibly lovely; it's easily one of my favourite tees.

I wore this skirt a couple of posts ago ( ) and honestly, one of the simplest ways to dress down an outfit is to not tuck in a top into the skirt. However, it doesn't do too much for my figure - because it's just simply not a form fitting tee. Still lovely though! 

This week will be super super exciting! I'm going camping Wednesday to Sunday! Unfortunately that means no blog posts for a couple of days, but expect a nice long one on Sunday or Monday. 

I'll try my best to have pretty amazing outfits Monday and Tuesday to make up for the lack of posts throughout the week. Toodles!  

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