Sunday, 28 April 2013

Too much in the past.

Dress shirt - Stolen from Dad
Skirt - Unknown? / Shoes - Crocs
Belt - Urban Behaviour / Headband - Aldo

I found this skirt in the back of my closet yesterday and thought I'd like to wear it out. I couldn't think of a better way to wear it than like this, but I kind of feel like I'm dressed like a peasant from 1815 or something of the sort. It's probably the skirt, or possibly just my brain exploding from the amount of historical knowledge I need to retain but probably can't.

The belt I actually got just this Friday, as part of this dress I bought at Urban Behaviour for $3.50!! I think I would have bought the dress anyway, but the belt really cinched the deal. It's nice when clothes come with detachable jewellery, so you can detach it and wear it with other things. To be honest, I'm never going to wear this belt with the bright orange Urban Behaviour dress because the colours clash. But it's a nice skinny belt in a caramel colour that I don't own much of.

So, today is more studying at the library. Since it closes at midnight today, I have 5.5 hours left as I'm typing this at 6:34pm. My days are long and tedious, but not particularly lonely as many of the people in my grade also frequent this library to study for our upcoming IB exams. I guess that's a good thing. My mood is also picking up, which is quite lovely.

I want to incorporate more eco-related things on this blog, because right now it's so consumerism based. All the shopping and clothes and such. I hope though, at least with my shirts "stolen from Dad" and hand-me-down items, I'm at least promoting that fashion is best when it looks good, feels good, and is doing good for the earth!

Have a lovely Sunday evening and a lovelier rest of the week!

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