Monday, 22 April 2013

Winter to Spring

There are 9 days left until my HL English exam, 13 until HL Psychology, 15 until HL History, and here I am starting up a style blog to make up for the chaos in my life. I've wanted to do this forever, but I've never gotten around to it. I suppose that's a lie, there was a 20/20 challenge a friend and I participated in last year, which was all sorts of fun (and some of my outfits were a little atrocious). We both chose 20 articles of clothing (not counting shoes/tights/accessories/undergarments) and had to mix and match just those pieces for 20 days. It was my first real attempt into the world of blogging; hopefully, I've improved both my style (likely!) and my blogging skills (doubtful).

Furthermore, I'm not too sure whether my iPhone will be able to take high quality enough pictures to sustain this little adventure I'm also kind of awful with knowing what brands and labels my clothes are, because a lot of my clothes are hand me downs or sent from South Korea by my lovely aunt (this mostly pertains to my headbands though).

I'm going to try regardless, so hello and welcome! Let's go on this adventure together, shall we?

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