Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pens, Pencils, and Hair Galore

Today, I had a lovely time running the PEYA Annual Stewardship Day event at Riverwood Conservancy with students and teachers from Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School! However, this meant that I had to wear sturdy shoes, an EcoSource t-shirt, and pants. I really really don't like wearing pants; I much prefer skirts and dresses and tights (when I say tights, I mean the pantyhose-ish kind, not the awful leggings that people wear with just a shirt!)

So, when I went to the library today, a little frazzled, I didn't expect to want to post today. I had no nice outfit of the day; I didn't snap a street style picture of my friends or anything (I do plan on doing this too! Some of my friends have lovely clothing). But when my hair elastic broke while I was studying at the library, I got the perfect idea for a post: hair-do with pens and pencils! It is really rather perfect, because you're likely to have a pen or pencil with you? Possibly? Maybe it's just me, because I'm always (sort of) studying as of lately.

Here's the how-to:
  • Hold all of your hair like you're about to tie a high ponytail
  • With the other hand, spin your almost ponytail around and around and around
  • Eventually it should start to coil around the base of your hand-held ponytail
  • Then wrap it around from the base onwards, having a good grip on the bun now
  • The tighter the bun, the easier it will be!
  • Then take a pen/pencil, and using the sharp end
  • Stick it through some hair right around the bun, then through the bun
  • When going through, try to do it as close to your head as you can
  • Repeat with another pencil or pen
  • Use three if you have a lot of hair and it still feels loose

It may not be perfect the first couple of times, or even if you do it several several times, sometimes your writing utensils just won't be the best! (Like these unsharpened pencils I have in the picture below.)

 If you do not have enough hair for a ponytail/bun, this will not work for you! Sorry! I did try with my little brother though. Alex says hi! (He really wanted to be on my blog; isn't he adorable?)

And to close off, here's a picture of the super cute snake we found at Stewardship Day today! Yay!

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