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Sagrada Familia & More: Barcelona Dec 14th

DEC 14TH, 2013

This was a crazy hectic day for me, so this one post is just for one individual day but actually might have more pictures than the posts for two days... The Sagrada Familia alone deserves 15+ pictures. 

Day 3 of Barcelona started off with the inside of the Sagrada Familia, which despite my best interests already had a huge line when I arrived at around 11am. To be honest, I could go on and on about how much I adore the Sagrada Familia... it was easily my favourite attraction of my entire trip. However, my pictures I hope will show you why exactly I love this masterpiece so much. 

The outside is intricate and so detailed, but the inside personally blew me away. It may seem expensive to just see the building when it is so ridiculous from even the outside, but I found so much beauty from the inside. My friend Winsha described it as an Elven forest, and I see that entirely. Magical.

If you are in Barcelona ever, go do yourself a favour and see the Sagrada Familia. I can't reiterate that enough.

After that, I went to the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) to just see the outside of the building and the view of Barcelona from up here.

This is a statue fountain thing in the middle of Place Espanya, in the main intersection to MNAC. 

I headed back to the Las Ramblas area (which is very overhyped and not all that interesting) and checked out the Boqueria Market (which is actually fabulous!) and got some yummy vegetarian food from a stall way at the back. My only issue was that I took it to-go and then had quite some difficulty finding a place to eat it at.... so I ate while walking around, then sat outside in the McDonalds chairs/tables on Las Ramblas.

I walked toward the Gothic Quarter late afternoon-ish, right before it was getting dark.

I didn't go into the Barcelona Cathedral (because there was a long line and I was pretty worn out and the Sagrada already blew me away but really I was just lazy, oh well...) but the outside of it was quite nice!

That evening, I went with Sergio to the Place Espanya to go see the Magic Fountain show! It was beautiful and the MNAC is quite pretty at night as well.

And alas, we've reached the end of my Day 3 in Barcelona! Finally, haha.

I did a lot of walking actually, but the T-10 card is fairly cheap and is good for 10 rides on metro or buses or anything. I took a bus to the MNAC from the Sagrada, then the metro back to Las Ramblas, then the metro back to the hostel from the Gothic area. Public transportation is a good thing! If I can figure it out, I'm sure you can too.

Dec 15th was my last real day in Barcelona, as I took a flight on the morning of the 16th! So, upcoming pictures of Barceloneta Beach and Citadella Park and what not for the next post!

Also, my first night back at university yesterday (Jan 3rd) faced a terrible thunderstorm and a power outage......... but it was so nice being in my own room (hehe my roommate isn't back yet) and having my own bed with warm blankets and multiple pillows, haha.

Enjoy your last few days of the holiday break everyone! Visit back every day for a new post, hopefully. 

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