Sunday, 19 January 2014

Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Colosseum! & Food! Rome Dec 18-19

I saw Palatine Hill and the Roman Forums first... but took a shot of the Colosseum first because it's iconic and such. 

They had dug up underground areas and had buildings with these frescos on them! Lovely!

ALSO, pasta lunch in Rome? Must must must go visit Pastificio! It's right by the Spanish Steps (which really are not all that impressive and I'd say don't bother visiting except that you'd see it anyway on the way to this pasta place!)

It's on via Della Croce 8, and all you need is 4 euros! From 1pm sharp to whenever they run out (around 2, probably), you can pick between one of two pastas. One of the two options are probably vegetarian; they were the two times I went. If you ask nicely, you can also get a glass of house wine and there is free water on the shelves.

So then I went back to the Colosseum, and went inside! Look its a pretty cat!

And now it's me, haha...

Afterwards, I went to the Pantheon.

I went back to my hostel for some rest, and then had my one fancy meal quota.

I chose Roma Sparita for their Cacio e pepe... which was super pretty when it came out and decently tasty, but not amazing, not incredibly yummy. Here's a pretty picture anyway.

DEC 19TH, 2013 

As my last day in Rome, I suppose I should have tried to do more interesting things... but I was content to do a lot of walking and just be happily loitering around.

Walked around the Trastevere area..

Walked around Villa Borghese... which I was able to get to quite easily because my Roma Pass allowed for unlimited public transportation.

I also went back to via Della Croce to go to Pompi! Delicious amazing tiramisu! Also 4 euros, so you could get a fantastic pasta and tiramisu lunch for 8 euros! They have four flavours, but I was content with trying just classic tiramisu!

I went back to the Trevi Fountain again...

Then got more gelato near my hostel, though I forget what it was called. Not that it matters... it's close to Romana, so just go to Romana!

And that ends my excursion in Rome. Budapest is next! SO EXCITED I LOVED BUDAPEST. Bye for now!

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  1. Beautiful photos! I am so envious of your trip, I am so longing to visit Rome.

    Lindsey. x