Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Leaving the Castle... for now!

It's a beautiful place I'm leaving, and it's been a beautiful couple of days with lots of sunshine and awesomeness. I'll miss the upper years, and I'll miss my friend Jessica who isn't coming back next term. Here are some awesome pictures of the Castle and gardens recently. 

Also, this will be my last post until January!

In December, as most of y'all know, I'm travelling around Europe!

Dec 12 - 16: Barcelona
Dec 16 - 19: Rome
Dec 19 - 23: Budapest
Dec 23 - 26: Munich
Dec 26 - 30: Amsterdam
Dec 30 - 31: London
Dec 31 - Jan 3rd: Glasgow

and back to the Castle for Winter Term in the new year!

Hostels and new food and interacting with other travellers/locals. I'm excited and kind of scared and not really prepared for this, but I'm ready!

You know, first term of university is kind of strange. Everyone is new and for me, everything really from the campus to the country to the continent even is new... It's definitely been an experience and I've loved a lot of it. I've appreciated the struggles because they've shown me what I truly value and the areas I need to grow.

This backpacking trip is something I've wanted for so long, and I'm terrified and excited and I don't even know. It's something I've dreamed of for so long, and it's actually happening. Wow. Wow.

I'll try to keep in contact but wifi is limited in hostels. I promise to write amazing blog posts in January! If I like you too much, you'll probably get a souvenir or something too.

All the best, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Lots of love!

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