Thursday, 5 December 2013

End of Term Celebration!

First term at BISC is done. Weird. So so so so so ridiculous how quickly the past three months have gone by. To be completely honest, I know this blog makes my life to be lovely and awesome and travel-filled... but it hasn't been an easy ride. Transitioning to university academics was odd; I'm not doing nearly as well as I want to be. I am seeing much of Europe, but I'm also the least involved I've ever been - because the system of extracurriculars at the Castle are different than I'm used to.

Here's a quick breakdown of pros and cons of my first term:


  • I study at a castle.... 
  • This is my first time in Europe, and I've really loved the UK and everywhere else I've visited
  • Flights from London to elsewhere are super cheap! 
  • There are only 130 people on campus
  • I know basically everyone on campus
  • My professors know me by name
  • No one is super intense about academics... 
  • I have field trips
  • I had a weeklong midterm trip to Scotland/North England
  • We get cool things like free mulled wine in the Pub, and dances in the Ballroo
  • Drinking age is 18, and really, the English Pub scene is pretty awesome

  • The Castle is located in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE
  • The isolation is actually ridiculous
  • There are limited opportunities to leave campus without paying for a cab
  • Cabs are expensive
  • The UK is expensive! Pounds are almost double Canadian dollars, but the pure numbers look almost the same! 
  • Getting to London is quite the hassle... Cab out of campus to the train station, and back...
  • No one really studies too much... or cares too much... I'm used to all the IB super overachieving keener types...
  • So I don't really study (things to work on for next term, I promise! Better grades!!!)
  • I've lived in England for 3 months, and I don't really have good British friends
  • I barely ever talk to British people
  • There are ONLY 130 people on campus
  • Basically this tumblr:

Okay, and here are some pictures of our End of Term celebration we had last Friday, before the rush of exam period... 

Also, my camera has this weird watercolour function. It kind of makes us look cool, but I wanted a normal picture!

Prepping for our Term photo!

Musical performances, including the Executive Director (Bruce Stanley) on the right and a professor (not red coat).

Free Mulled Wine and End of Term slideshow in the Headless Drummer Pub!

Disco Dance in the Ballroom!

And an obligatory selfie, to end it all off.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Good luck with exams if you aren't finished yet (basically everyone...).

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