Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pens, Pencils, and Hair Galore

Today, I had a lovely time running the PEYA Annual Stewardship Day event at Riverwood Conservancy with students and teachers from Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School! However, this meant that I had to wear sturdy shoes, an EcoSource t-shirt, and pants. I really really don't like wearing pants; I much prefer skirts and dresses and tights (when I say tights, I mean the pantyhose-ish kind, not the awful leggings that people wear with just a shirt!)

So, when I went to the library today, a little frazzled, I didn't expect to want to post today. I had no nice outfit of the day; I didn't snap a street style picture of my friends or anything (I do plan on doing this too! Some of my friends have lovely clothing). But when my hair elastic broke while I was studying at the library, I got the perfect idea for a post: hair-do with pens and pencils! It is really rather perfect, because you're likely to have a pen or pencil with you? Possibly? Maybe it's just me, because I'm always (sort of) studying as of lately.

Here's the how-to:

Monday, 29 April 2013

Polka-Dot Classy

Cardigan - Joe Fresh 
Skirt - Sirens 
Shirt - Hand-me-down, no tag?
Shoes - Madeline 

So, this high school (Woodlands) sort of nearby where I reside is doing a super cool thrift-store experience during their lunch periods on Friday May 3rd and Monday May 6th. They have a blog! http://thrift-wareness.tumblr.com/ and the Valentino shorts are lovely. I very very very much want them. I do not go to this school, and I have exams on both days. I'm debating whether it is worth it or not...... I think it is! I mean, the hour before my exam, I should be relaxing, right? Just mini-reviewing?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Too much in the past.

Dress shirt - Stolen from Dad
Skirt - Unknown? / Shoes - Crocs
Belt - Urban Behaviour / Headband - Aldo

I found this skirt in the back of my closet yesterday and thought I'd like to wear it out. I couldn't think of a better way to wear it than like this, but I kind of feel like I'm dressed like a peasant from 1815 or something of the sort. It's probably the skirt, or possibly just my brain exploding from the amount of historical knowledge I need to retain but probably can't.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sunny Orange Stripes

Green dress shirt - Stolen from Dad, "Ravazzolo" 
Crochet cardigan - thrifted, no tag
Striped shirt - Old Navy 

Jeggings - hand me down, the tag says Made in Portugal
Shoes - Spring / Headband - Claire's

It was a lovely, beautiful sunny day outside today. Even though I only got to experience it in the couple of minutes I forced my brother to take pictures of me, it was nice to know that spring and sunshine is on its way! Bold stripes are also a spring 2013 trend!

I knew the weather outside was going to be decent: 17 degrees Celsius; I also knew that I was going to spend the majority of my day (1pm - 9pm) at the library. The library is often colder than I'd prefer, and I often forget this fact - thus ending up studying there in a t-shirt and hoodie. The t-shirt is much too chilly! The hoodie becomes too warm after a certain bit of time! So instead of having to constantly alternate, I decided on smart layers today!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Oversized Emerald

 Blazer - Honest Eds / Shorts - Old Navy jeans I chopped off to make shorts 
Necklace - Aldo Accessories / Shoes - G.H. Bass 

Have you heard? Emerald is the colour of the year! Haha, yes this is old news - but I haven't really embraced the colour yet, even though the dark jewel tone might have been more suited for winter time. I bought this blazer back in January for 50 cents! and I've struggled to find ways to wear it without looking frumpy or overwhelmed. It is quite ridiculously large for me, but at that price, I wasn't going to walk away.

So here I am, wearing a plain white t-shirt and jean shorts (with tights because it's still cold outside). The blazer lets me look polished, but the rest of the ensemble guarantees I don't look overdressed for school (and high school, no less). I contemplated wearing flats/sneakers with the ensemble, but the slight black heel makes my legs look longer. Tip: try to wear shoes in the same or similar colour as your tights!

My mom told me I looked ridiculous when I walked out the door today, and I contemplated wearing a different jacket. However, I got tons of compliments today! So, taking risks is a good thing - and wearing things you have never worn before is the best kind of risk. If it ends up being too big of a risk? Just wear something you're comfortable in the next day!

One thing I do recommend though, is always bring an extra layer when you're wearing a new outer layer. You never know if it's warm enough to keep you cozy. I was pretty chilly today, but I was only outside for a maximum of 10 minutes. Oh Ontario weather, please warm up!

Back to studying now! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Thumpity Thump Spring

Cardigan - Forever XII / Thumper Tank - Disney Store / 
Skirt - Walmart ($3 craaazy) / Boots - G.H. Bass

Light pink and turquoise (mint more so, but I seem to lack mint clothing) are colours that seem to scream springtime. Staying with that mood, to emphasize the lovely weather we're having as of late, I decided to add a floral skirt and a lovely sequinned Thumper tank!

It's time to pull out the tights, in light bright colours! Spring should be celebrated with pretty legs that have been kept mostly hidden all winter long, but it's a tad to cold to go bare legged right now. So colourful tights are perfect! Being in pastel colours makes it a little easier to not seem so ridiculous, as the colour is j h more subdued than a typical coloured tight would be!

Furthermore, don't shy away from sequins and Disney/cartoon graphics! With the right touch of sophistication and a good eye, you can keep it fun and flirty - not radically ridiculous!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Once Upon a Time...

Why yes, about a year ago, I did try out my luck at LookBook.nu. Here it is: BAM. But to be honest, it was really frustrating to feel like I deserved to be noticed and not get the likes/attention I so desperately wanted. I think this open, free space of my own will help me to just express myself and enjoy fashion in my own way.

Winter to Spring

There are 9 days left until my HL English exam, 13 until HL Psychology, 15 until HL History, and here I am starting up a style blog to make up for the chaos in my life. I've wanted to do this forever, but I've never gotten around to it. I suppose that's a lie, there was a 20/20 challenge a friend and I participated in last year, which was all sorts of fun (and some of my outfits were a little atrocious). We both chose 20 articles of clothing (not counting shoes/tights/accessories/undergarments) and had to mix and match just those pieces for 20 days. It was my first real attempt into the world of blogging; hopefully, I've improved both my style (likely!) and my blogging skills (doubtful).

Furthermore, I'm not too sure whether my iPhone will be able to take high quality enough pictures to sustain this little adventure I'm also kind of awful with knowing what brands and labels my clothes are, because a lot of my clothes are hand me downs or sent from South Korea by my lovely aunt (this mostly pertains to my headbands though).

I'm going to try regardless, so hello and welcome! Let's go on this adventure together, shall we?