Sunday, 28 July 2013

From Gardening to a Friend Date...

Bustier - Aritzia? (I'm not home, so I can't check). 
Pants - Joe Fresh
Dress Shirt - Stolen from Dad

So, I apologize for the Hello Kitty socks... I did not feel like getting my muddy running shoes for this picture, and I lie too often about the footwear I'm wearing on the pictures in this blog. 

Anyway, this was this past Thursday (July 25th)! I was gardening in the morning for EcoSource (drop in mornings 8:30am to 11:30am -- come out!), but then I made plans to see my friend Winsha in the evening! We weren't doing anything outrageous, just walking around Lakeshore and getting some food. However, it still guaranteed that I'd have to find something to wear that wasn't ridiculously atrocious and didn't scream "hippie gardener" (though my gardening hat visor is pretty fancy - I'll upload a picture later). 

I thought the bustier top would be pretty enough for the transition, and the loose fitting dress shirt classy enough to be okay. The baggy pants are a little ridiculous, but I didn't feel like wearing tight long pants to garden with and I thought the colours actually went really nicely with each other. Any comments?

On our actual hangout, we had some really tasty Indian food! Some eggplant dish and palak paneer! It wasn't super expensive, and the eggplant was incredible. I liked the paneer enough, but I prefer my Indian dishes to be spicier than the palak paneer was. Also, it was a tad too spinach creamy for my taste. I'd never pick the eggplant on my own though, so I was quite glad that Winsha picked it out and we got to share it. Going to new restaurants is one of my favourite things to do, and trying new foods is definitely something I'd recommend! It's so tempting to fall into the trap of ordering your favourite dishes over and over again, but as much as I wanted to get a chana masala... I was happy I tried a new type of paneer (even if I didn't love it). 

I wish I could upload an incredibly attractive selfie of Winsha and I on my blog, but I promised her I wouldn't. So here's to a wonderful Sunday & an adventurous week! 

Saturday, 27 July 2013


I guess most of my friends and anyone else who talks to me, is already pretty sick of my going on and on about the castle and England, and Europe in general from me. But I'm pretty darn excited!

So on Saturday, July 20th (yes I'm sorry I have not updated my blog in over a week), I went to Kingston for the Bader International Study Centre's Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources, aka BISC SOAR.

Friday, 19 July 2013

35 Degrees Celsius & Higher

T-Shirt - Joe Fresh
Skirt - American Eagle

This week was ridiculously hot and humid, which in normal conditions I would not mind. However, since I've been working for EcoSource, I need to be outside about 3 days a week.

However, regardless of how hot it is outside, I'm still enjoying my weeks and my time outside a lot.

On Tuesday 3-6pm and Thursday 8:30am to 11:30am, there are volunteer sessions at the Iceland Teaching Garden! Please bring the form in this link (signed by your parents, if you are under 18.)

This week, we did lots of things, like plant beets, weeding, thinning mazuna, etc. I hope I can see some of my friends come out, haha!

Have a great weekend everyone. I'm off to Kingston on Saturday for my BISC SOAR (orientation)! Yay! University is getting really close!

A Minion Fancy

There are few days that I can dress up, and those happen to be my office days at EcoSource every week! This post is like, 4 days late. And I'm putting up another one now!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Farmers Market!

Shirt - EcoSource
Skirt - Old Navy
Shoes - (I didn't wear these, I wore ugly sneakers but forgive me)
Belt - Thrifted

So every occasional Saturday, I get to go out to the Erin Mills Backyard Farmers Market (Erin Mills Pkwy and Eglinton) from 10am to 2pm, as an EcoSource representative.  

As promised, here's another outfit with the EcoSource shirt! Yay! (Haha not really).

I'm quite tired actually, so I don't have too much to say. Y'all should visit some farmers markets in the summertime, because local produce is lovely. If you come visit me, I'll face-paint you a vegetable or butterfly or something. For myself this week, I decided to draw a cute beet.

Have a fantastic week everyone! And hopefully don't melt burn out in the hot, humid weather like I have to because I work outside most of the time... yay. (And I forgot sunscreen today so super burnt yay)

Saturday, 13 July 2013


Vest - Thrifted
Dress - Costa Blanca
Shoes - Champion

Every other Friday, EcoSource gives me a Friday off (how lovely!!!) and so this week, I went to the Toronto Zoo! I've wanted to go for a while to see the pandas because they're adorable and because they're the only pandas in Canada for quite some time. 

Zoos are quite an adventure! Lots of walking around; lots of planning to make sure that everyone is hydrated and sun-protected. Also though, to make sure everyone in your party gets to see the animals they want to see. 

It's important to have good walking shoes! My champions are pretty fantastic for walking (and they're entirely black, so I've been wearing them to hostess at Wasabi). The vest was pretty, but pretty awful for the weather. It's kind of a thick material... yet I decided to wear it anyway because of the incredible animals (giraffes, zebras, lions) on it! The dress underneath though was a cute tribal-esque print and a flowy material. Finally, the peacock headband matched the gold detailing on the vest perfectly! 

It's quite unfortunate that I wasn't able to post this earlier (because I was going to early today!) but I forgot to upload the pictures of the pandas and the tapir. Oh well. I'll include them later! Sorry for posting less and less frequently; I wish I could wear pretty clothing and write lovely posts on a daily basis but work just doesn't allow for that. 

Hope y'all are having a superb weekend! 

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Periwinkle Productivity!

T-Shirt - Garage
Pants - Jacob
Shoes - Crocs

So, today was day two of working at EcoSource as the Food Security Education Facilitator! Honestly, I was going from place to place to place (Hillside Community Garden to Sheridan Mall for PICS workshop to Eden Community Food Bank to Iceland Teaching Garden). It was really busy and hectic, but it was so much fun! I really really do enjoy being outside and getting to know more about nature and organic gardening and all of that. 

So, actually, this picture was taken like at 11pm (after I got home) after seeing Despicable Me 2!!! SO CUTE OMG! This pic is from DP1 but still omg minions are so cute omg. 

Anyway, so I was actually wearing the EcoSource shirt all day (10am to 6pm) but I brought a thin tshirt with me to change into. But the pants are brown, which masks all of the dirt and soil that are probably on them. I didn't actually wear these shoes either... but I cannot display my shoes because they're soaked and dirt covered. 

Also, I was complaining to a co-op student about how my fashion blog is probably going to turn into "how to style a grey t-shirt (EcoSource's)" all summer... But I think I can wear actual clothing! And I hope to be spending most of my evenings out doing actual things because I have no other free time this summer. 

My first day of work (yesterday) was just in the office though, and I was quite excited about what I was wearing! However I didn't end up getting a good picture... So this is the best I could do! It's the same shirt from a post a couple months ago? May? Not sure not sure.   

Okay! So I have work tomorrow morning at 8:30am! Bye y'all! Have a lovely week. I hope your summer is as wonderful and fulfilling as mine is. 

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tea Party!

Dress - Gift from Aunt in Korea
Necklace - Forever 21

This is my dear friend Evelyn, who co-runs a lovely little blog about her (and her roommate's) tea parties. Being an avid reader, I always wanted to go to a tea party of hers; I got that chance today with some PEYA friends. In terms of clothing, I thought I'd don a cute kind of pleated dress and (fake) pearls! Fancy schmancy. 

Evelyn baked us incredibly yummy cookies and cupcakes, and we all got our share of tea (three cups each on average, I think). The sunflowers in the middle were perfectly summery and everything was really quite adorable. I would love to throw a tea party myself (minus the fact that I don't own a single tea cup!)

Today was really quite hectic though, as I started work at 11am this morning and rushed off to this tea party at 2pm (I have a weird break from 2-5pm because we close between lunch and dinner), then back to work by 5pm. I'm really exhausted actually, so I think I'm going to head off to sleep.

I just wanted to end though with a "Hip Hip Hooray! We're done IB! We passed, maybe some with flying colours and maybe some by just a hair... but yay!"

In the end, I'm glad I went through IB, even though I'm not completely entirely happy with my grades. But they really don't matter in any way shape or form. I'll make a lengthy post about IB sometime soon perhaps (or maybe not, because I promised a camping post and that never happened either, did it?)

Sleep tight! (Or good morning, if you're reading this in the morning).

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Aureolin Affluence

Top - Ambiance Apparel
Shorts - Urban Behaviour
Shoes - Nine & Co
Necklace - Van Heusen 

This was today's (July 2nd) outfit. Realistically, I'm still about two outfit posts behind not including this one... but I think I'll just skip forward to this one because looking back, I'm not a huge fan of the clothes I've been wearing. I went out to eat at Wasabi (where I work) today with my lovely Allison and her brother Edward. It was cute bonding and she seemed to love me very much for taking her out for sushi... she told me it was one of the "best days of summer" which actually makes no sense because we just ate food... and she went to China. So yeah, she has no life but food was nice! (even though I eat it like several times a week!)

I'm trying to figure out some blu-ray player stuff and it's really frustrating, so here's a picture of a cute tapir and have a lovely lovely week.

Alex's Grade 5 Graduation!

Blouse - forever 21 
Skirt - forever 21 
Shoes - Nine West 
Earrings - Bass Pro Shops? (So some jewelry thing they sell there!) 
Clutch - Some bag store... 

For some awful reason, my own commencement (graduation) ceremony is in October. Needless to say, I won't be able to come back from England to graduate. But my brother got to graduate Grade 5 from his (and my old) lovely elementary school last week. 

I had to think about what I wanted to wear to his graduation ceremony. Though I'd like to believe that I look older than Grade 5, some may think otherwise... To avoid being confused for a graduating little girl, I needed to stay away from dresses. Also, the ceremony would be in the school's gymnasium... So I needed to be in clothing that wouldn't suffocate me (ie pants). 

Perhaps the pencil skirt was a little short for the occasion. But I think the blouse and sandal wedges were pretty perfect. Also, my clutch was the clutch I bought and used for prom! Yay for being able to re-wear fancy prom items. 

So for someone else's graduation (like a friend or sibling), here are a few tips.

1. Do not overdress or over makeup yourself! The people graduating should be the most attractive people there! So if they're little girls in dresses, don't wear a dress (unless it's a very business casual dress). 

2. Figure out how hot or cold the venue is going to be! If the ceremony is in late June and in a school, prepare to be sweltering! If it's November in an auditorium, it's likely to be chilly! 

3. Wear things that look good on camera! Know that you're likely going to be in pictures with them, that you'll look back upon because graduation is important! 

That's about it! Bye y'all!