Friday, 31 May 2013

Midnight Blue Magnality!

Top - Joe Fresh
Skirt - XXI 
Shoes - GH Bass

magnality: a marvel


People kept asking me 1. Why I was so dressed up and 2. Why I was at school... I went to vote for valedictorian (GO VIDHYA!) and SAC executives; the dressing nicely was for the job interviews I had later on. They were good! I'm hired (I think), but lots of sketchiness... so I'm kind of confused.

I stayed up past midnight to actually write this (okay, and back up my phone and such). Why do I have such little energy? Sleep time, I suppose. Lots of sewing tomorrow, hopefully. I want to start enjoying myself.

I have a big announcement to share, but not today. I'm really really excited! Bye y'all!

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Atomic Tangerine


Top - QED London
Skirt - Sirens
Shoes - Crocs
Purse - Coach
atomic: minute, small
(I'm being a tad lazy with this one, but the first two letters aren't the same and I don't feel like adding another word...!) Anyway, atomic is a cool word. I wish it meant like, "amazing" because saying "Dude, that's atomic" sounds really awesome... 

Hey y'all. Today was the first day to hit 30 degrees Celsius here in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). I wanted to wear something that would keep me cool (which this top fulfilled! Such lovely flowy thin fabric). I bought it a few days ago, possibly a week ago (I can't keep track of the days) because it was $3.50. (No this does not count in the promise I made in my previous post, because I bought this beforehand!). But the pretty scalloped hem and neckline, the lovely polka dots.... absolutely irresistible!

I must say, I regret wearing the shoes just a bit though. All my crocs have expanded/stretched out quite a bit since I first bought them, making these a little too big for me. Thus, the part of my foot above the heel/back of my ankles? are kind of scraped. I'm trying to come up with a way to fix this, but I have no ideas thus far.

I must say, I think this (and my most recent previous post!) have definitely been my favourite outfits since the start of this blog. Have I gotten better at posing too? Honestly, I'm so awkward when I get my friends to take pictures of me.... the best ones always tend to be with a self timer. Anyone else feel the same?

Also, good news! I have two job interviews on Friday (tomorrow!) yayayayayay! If I get either job, you will not have to hear my complaints of job hunting and the like for quite some time! They were both food places (though I desperately wanted a retail job), but I'm ecstatic! I hope I make a good impression in real life; sometimes I'm a tad insecure about the fact that perhaps I sound better on paper than I do in real life.

It's warm again tomorrow, so more sunny weather clothing! I was wearing a cardigan today when I left home, but promptly took it off. (It's why my purse is so bulky looking!) Thin cardigans are super in the summer time, because you can scrunch them up and put them in a purse when it's too hot, and take it back out in the evenings when it gets a tad chillier.

Lots of love! Have a great week! (Signatures are overrated, y'all know my name, right?)

Pictures from May 28-30

Beware, if you're ever hanging out with me, it is highly likely that you will end up on my blog. If any of you would prefer your names/pictures remain off my blog, let me know! (I should probably request permission beforehand haha, oh well.)

Air (of) Superiority Blue

Dress shirt - Old Navy 
Skirt - Forever 21 
Heels - GH Bass 

Hey y'all! Missed me? I hope so, but more importantly - I'm really quite sorry that I have not been posting the past couple of days. See, my home Internet bandwidth for four people is a measly 60GB. 2GB a day doesn't actually seem that small... But when you factor in the fact that I watch shows on Netflix (Skins UK, Drop Dead Diva), my brother watches shows on Netflix (Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom), my mom watches random Korean reality shows and my dad watches golf things/Korean news... It's almost impossible to stay under the limit. So at the end of each month, our family must disconnect from our electronic devices. Sometimes we manage to last the month, or we just have to pay more on our bill.

But anyway, so that's why I've been MIA the past little bit. I'm currently writing this at my high school (which I don't ever really need to come back to, but keep doing anyway.) Lovely.

You know how I've been saying that I need to stop buying more clothes? Right... that's not really working. I bought this dress shirt at Old Navy for $10... Fast fashion is bad... Yeah... I've been saying this for so damn long, but NO MORE SHOPPING THIS SUMMER. NOT EVEN IF IT'S UNDER $5 and GORGEOUS. If at any point in the next three months (unless I go to Korea, then I'm absolutely breaking this rule), I break this promise, call me out on it! I'll buy you food or something, equivalent to how much money I spent on shopping. Deal? Deal.

Anyways, I had to stop writing because periods change at school and I lost my interrupted access to a computer... Alas, here I am at McDonalds late at night (10pm is fairly late), sipping a $1 ice coffee and writing away. This is the good life guys. (No, not at all).

What have I been doing the past few days? Desperately trying to clean out my room and getting frustrated, so living and sleeping in an absolutely ridiculous pile of clothes. Seeing a couple of friends here and there. Rolling around in my inadequacy.... Hahahaha. Time for the next post!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Azure Mist Ambles

Dress shirt - Club Monaco
T-Shirt - No tag?
Jeans - Urban Planet
Wedges - Call It Spring

amble: a walk at a leisurely pace, for pleasure

I always think that the nice detailing at the top of jeans is often overlooked if tshirts are just a bit too long; I like this tee because it fits well and has a good length hem. I suppose this summer, I'd like to properly hem and alter all of the clothes I really like that don't fit perfectly, before I'm off to university.

Also, I'm quite quite in need of a job. I've applied to quite a few places as of now, but the job hunt is still fruitless. Someone please hire me? Here's my LinkedIn.

Off to see Epic with my younger brother tonight! Quite quite excited. Toodles!

* Diana Yoon

Versute Vermilion

Romper - Dynamite
Cardigan - 
Tights - Joe Fresh
Shoes - GH Bass
versute: crafty 

I realized I really like colours, especially if they're named interestingly.
I quite enjoy words.
I also adore alliteration.

In the course of starting this blog (32 posts as of this one!), I've struggled with picking relevant titles every day. Some days are easier than others, if there's a particular accessory that stands out or if there was some sort of special event... but most posts are hard to give a title to.

Thus, I've concluded that I will familiarize myself with the names of colours (using this wikipedia page:! And I'll add in a nice little interesting word as well, because augmenting one's vocabulary is quite beneficial!

I chose versute today because I learned how to use a sewing machine! And I made this jean bag!

My mom already commented on how ugly the handles are... so I'll fix those eventually. Otherwise, I do really like the shape of the bag! If you can see my uneven hem up top, you can probably tell I still have a lot to learn.

Thanks for reading! Have a lovely week.

* Diana Yoon

Friday, 24 May 2013

Casual Flowy Pants

Pants - xhiliration (Hand me down anyway)
Shirt - No tag
Cardigan - SWS (???)
 Shoes - Aldo

 It is not okay to be this freezing cold. I stayed indoors all day, as a lovely lovely friend Vidhya came over to hang out and talk and such.... but I walked her out (forcing her to take pictures of me) then promptly went back inside to change into warmer winter-y clothes.

If it was a tad warmer though, I think it would have been absolutely perfect for going out shopping or something of the sort. The pants have such a breezy summer-y feel to them! Really should get myself a pair of harem pants, because I love feeling like I'm not wearing pants haha... which is why I'm in dresses as much as possible.

My friend is off to India tomorrow, and I so so wish I could travel as well this summer. It would be incredible if I could go to Korea, but alas probably not going to happen because of the awful financial situation I'm stuck in. But hey! This could be a really great airplane outfit as well. Comfy pants, comfy everything really (except the shoes, sort of).

It's the weekend, y'all! For me though, every day feels like a weekend because I have almost nothing to do. (This is not true; there are lots of things I could be doing but don't feel like doing - namely my G1 Test which I have put off for 2 years).

Have a lovely weekend! Hopefully the weather here in Mississauga picks up soon!

Diana Yoon

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wishing for Play Shorts


I want these shorts. 
If by any chance you have $110 to blow, please buy me these shorts.

Diana Yoon

Busy patterns for Busy Days

T-Shirt - Old Navy
Shorts - American Eagle
Shoes - Toms
Bag - Gifted? Can't find a tag.

Today was a crazy hectic day. I needed clothes that would be comfortable to walk in all day; I should have brought a cardigan, it was freezing cold... Also, socks with toms are not a good idea. Look at the first picture above, then at the second one, then back at the first to see how much prettier Toms look without socks. Yeah.

Here is a relatively good summary of my day, minus the group picture of show choir! My friend Cindy and I went downtown (Toronto) to go prom dress shopping for her, and had some yummy lunch as well. Then I missioned back to school for my school's spring concert Printempo!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Skirt - Abercrombie & Fitch 
(I bought this a long time ago, I don't agree with their brand "purpose" or whatever nonsense their CEO is saying)
Shoes - Call it Spring
T-Shirt - H&M
Cardigan - ??

I was really looking forward to writing a blog post yesterday, and then realized I really didn't put on proper clothes all day. So I wanted today to be quite pretty! 

The skirt is the standout piece of my outfit, keeping everything else neutral grey. (I have to start using "gray" with an "a" instead of "grey" with an "e" when I head off to America.... strange.) The skirt is actually originally a tube top, but I much prefer it as a skirt (partially because tube tops intimidate me, so much risk of skin exposure). 

I know the brown wedges are a tad too warm coloured for this outfit, perhaps, but the black Mary Jane heels I had made this outfit much too formal! Also, the jellyfish necklace is easily one of my favourite jewellery pieces! I got it at Monterey Bay Aquarium! It is not a real jellyfish, contrary to what many many many people have asked me. There's a relatively good picture of it in the second photo; I'll likely wear it again soon! (All the pictures in this post are wonky sizes, I'm not too sure why!) 

Anyway, today I cleaned my room a bit. It's still ridiculous (my closets are abysmal...) but this particular clothes rack has all my dresses on it (left side, until the striped cardigan), then cardigans/blouses on the right side. The big black blob at the end is where I tie my opaque tights. There's even a sneak peak of my prom dress! There are two long gowns there though (which one could it be?! Even though I bought one for $160 and the other for $8, haha).

In the evening, I watched Seussical the Musical at Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School! It was such a blast! So so so so impressed with the quality of singing, dancing, set, costumes, everything. Well worth the $15 I was originally kind of skeptical of spending! Yay!

So remember, "a person's a person no matter how small"!

Diana Yoon

Monday, 20 May 2013

Happy END OF IB err... Victoria Day!

Boots - GH Bass
Beret - Gifted from Dad? No tag
Dress - Gift from Aunt? Ladish? Korean Brand? 
Cardigan - Giovani Woman? Korean Brand? 
**Note: I apologize for being really awful at this... Tips?

When you start high school, you don't start off thinking that it's going to change you. See, you walk in, as a scared and shy little freshman, hoping to make the best of your next four years here. Maybe you're excited! Maybe you're pessimistic. Maybe you're bitter that middle school was so darn awful. There are lots of maybes. But the biggest maybe of all, is that maybe high school will be the best four years of your life.

Spring Colour Combinations!

Dress - Katie
Cardigan - Old Navy
Shoes - Steve Madden
Headband - Gifted (from Aunt in Korea)

AH, this post was a day late, so not too much to write about (though I'm sure there was a lot yesterday). Right, I was attempting to study for French... not very interesting!

But anyway, these colours are perfect together! The pretty teal and baby pink and bright indigo makes for a perfect spring palette in my opinion. Check out my other posts! I promise I'm more talkative than this, haha.

Diana Yoon

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Quick Fix & Great Wolf Lodge!

Dress - Pacific Mall 
Dress Shirt - No tag? Hand-me-down from family friend?
Shoes - Crocs

First off, sorry for not posting the past two days! I went to Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water park) straight after school on Friday and didn't come back home until late late yesterday. It was a great little trip though! (More pictures under the read more!)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Why yes, I am pulling off "The Children's Place"

Denim Jacket - Children's Place
Dress - Clothing Swap
Boots - Nine & Co.

As you can probably tell from the lovely detailing of the denim jacket, this is a children's jacket. I've got to say, the clothes at Children's Place are quite ridiculous for a 17 year old to wear. I mean, look at this stuff! 

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Red Navy Springtime

Skirt - Forever 21
Shirt - Garage
Boots - Crocs

I've been sewing shirts for show choir, learning some french (but not really), and watching too many episodes of Drop Dead Diva (Season 4). The trees in the background are lovely, and I wish I had some botanical knowledge to call trees by their actual names, not "trees". Have a lovely week y'all!

Diana Yoon

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Coat-Worthy Coldness

Jeggings + T-Shirt - Garage
Coat - Urban Behaviour
Shoes - Crocs 

The downside of posting this often, when my life isn't all that interesting, is that I have very little to write about... so I think, until I start writing (hopefully). Does this even make sense?

Monday, 13 May 2013

Purple Indigo Casual

Heels - Steve Madden
Long Sleeve Shirt - 
Blazer Cardigan - GarageJeans - 
Headband - Aldo

It's not supposed to be this cold in Mississauga (a suburb outside Toronto) in May! I know we're Canadians, and we're supposed to be able to face the cold... but if the weather teases me with beautiful, sunny 20+ degrees Celsius days, please don't hail the next week. 

Anyway, this outfit is not warm enough for 8-13 degrees Celsuis weather, which was the range today. I just can't justify bringing out the winter/early early spring jackets again. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mother's Day! Part 2

I made the card with this youtube video, and the pompom flowers with this step-by-step guide! They were both relatively easy to make, and are flowers that could very well last forever.

And here's my lovely lovely mom! She's honestly the greatest person in my life, from driving me around (though really, I should be using transit more often!) to making me incredibly yummy food, to being someone I can gossip about all of my friends to (kidding! mostly! haha...). She's not my style inspiration, in any way shape or form... I constantly beg for her to dress up a little more, because I think she is beautiful, but alas. However, she is my inspiration in terms of strength, perseverance, kindness, and love. 

So Happy Mother's Day, mom. I will miss you so very much when I'm off to college in the fall, but I know it will only bring us closer. 
Diana Yoon

Happy Mother's Day! Part 1

Dress - Pacific Mall
Cardigan - Elena Solano
Bag - Upgrade (? Bought this at my church)
Shoes & Headband - Aldo

This is what I wore today on Mother's Day! I would have liked to maybe wear something a tad brighter, more spring-like.... but the weather forecast was awful and gloomy (rain, hail, winds, cold temperature, etc). I liked how cozy all of the fabrics in my outfit today were winter-worthy warm.

There's a part two to this post, because my mom deserves her own post! Haha, here's to internet fame mother dearest (kidding!)

Diana Yoon