Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bright Bright Brighton

My lovely upper year friend Jessica! All smiles.  (PS Vidhya if you're reading this, she's the one from Kings.)
The nearest city to Herstmonceux Castle, where I live, is Brighton. I really love the city. The pier is beautiful and the vibe is modern and busy but looks very old town sincere. Did that make any sense? Probably not. So, I went to Brighton on September 29th - and I had a great time.

There are amazing thrift stores in Brighton! I bought £26 ($43) worth of clothing at Oxfam Charity Shop (that's what thrift stores in England are called), and I don't regret a single purchase! I'd post pictures - but out of the four items I bought, I wore 3 of them in the last week and will have pictures of me up eventually. I got one Zara blue polka dot blouse, a Zara printed pleated skirt, a maroon Alexander Wang t-shirt dress (can't find a picture right now and I'm too lazy to take one - but it'll be posted soon), and a JCrew tartan pleated skirt. For the brands that they were, I was SUPER proud of my purchases. 

I also had a DELICIOUS Devil's Food Cupcake from Angel Food Bakery! Awesome Reese's Piece on top and everything! I didn't take pictures of the gelato I had, but it was also amazing. 

I didn't go into the Royal Pavilion - but I walked around it and through the Royal Pavilion gardens (and sat on the grass to eat my cupcake!) It's pretty awesome though.

Then, I found a cute small Chinese grocery/convenience store where I bought some sriracha sauce, kimchi, and instant noodles. Afterwards, I met up with my friends (we all went separate ways to do different things around the city - like shop for shoes versus go hunting for the cupcake store; we went to a pub for dinner and drinks and just to hang out. We had some good comfort food and a few drinks.

All in all, I really loved Brighton as a city and I'm excited to explore it some more when I have the time. There are field trips there often enough that it'll be relatively easy to head over. Anyway, I'm 11 days behind on posting haha... but I'm pretty caught up in school work! I had a pretty rocky personal life this week (Oct 8th onwards) but I'm good now. More soon and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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