Wednesday, 4 September 2013

DIY - Fixing Toms!

Clearly, I'm not very experienced with this entire DIY thing... because I forgot to take before pictures. But trust me, my Toms were in TERRIBLE shape. There was a huge hole on my left pinky area, as well as a tear where the heart is. The other side didn't have any large holes, but there was a small hole where my right pinky was too. 

To be perfectly honest, I hate flats. I hate them with a passion. They're generally pretty ugly (in my opinion) and they're uncomfortable; I would much rather be in heels than flats, any day. However, while packing, I had to think about the shoes I wanted to bring over to England. I didn't really want to bring other "comfy" shoes other than my Toms, but my mom was insisting that I got new shoes, new Toms even... because mine were absolutely falling apart. 

So I had some leftover jean material from an old sewing project, and I googled "how to fix toms" to find this lovely blog post:

I got myself some liquid stitch, cut up my jean fabric so it fit my Toms, and followed the tutorial! I think they look pretty fantastic, and now I can wear them for a little longer. 

Have y'all done any simple DIY projects to save some old clothing/shoes? Let me know! 

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