Tuesday, 12 November 2013

South East England - Adventures with Carrie!

Carrie and I went on an exciting adventure for a couple of hours on Sunday! We started off at Pevensey Castle, explored the village of Alfriston, and ended off at the amazing Cuckmere Haven and the Seven Sisters! Here's a nice selfie of us at the start of our journey. 

 Pevensey Castle is so close to where we study: Herstmonceux Castle. But it's a whole different vibe because it's left in it's ruined state and hasn't been rebuilt.

Alfriston is such a quaint little town with several tea rooms, some shops, and not too much else. Super pretty though! We could walk from one end of the other in 15 minutes or less.

And lastly, Cuckmere Haven! AMAZING. The white hills are called the Seven Sisters. Having seen pictures, I couldn't contain my excitement in actually seeing them in person. How could hills be so white? They're beautiful.

They're whiter further away. We didn't get to walk to the edge of the cliffs (apparently it's dangerous) but it's lovely nonetheless.

I had a great time with Carrie on Sunday! A lot of our friends went away to Venice or Berlin this weekend, and this adventure was a good reminder that there is so much beauty to be explored right near "home".

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