Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Days Before Winter Term...

Hm, it seems both so long and so recently that we started the Winter Term in January. I didn't do very much in Amsterdam... I had a day to spend in London that I could have done more with but didn't really feel like dragging my backpack around. (+ there's a luggage hold in London Victoria station for something like 7-9 pounds a day? Could be worth it!) 

So, I just mostly chilled in coffee shops and then went to the ridiculous Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park in the evening before hopping on my bus to Glasgow.

Guys, the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is so outrageously glitzy. 


I went up to Glasgow to stay a few days with my friend Luke, that I met at the People & Planet Shared Planet conference in October. Yay friends! Thanks so much Luke, again! (Especially considering this is two months after the fact haha)

Glasgow was cool! I only really saw a cool restaurant and the University... because I spent a good chunk of time resting up and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix...

The Bookclub in Glasgow is super awesome though!

A Veggie Burger for me! Falafel like balls and parsnips for Luke!

I think their university looks very castle like. Even as much as Herstmonceux Castle?

This is a museum.

Thanks Luke for being awesome!

And to place a visual representation of my backpacking adventure.. I did this when I got back to Bader!

Thanks so much for putting up with me! Haha... finally past December woo!

Over the Winter term, I've done a lot of great adventuring the past two months... I'm excited to post about Paris!

It's lovely and sunny here at the castle, as anyone who follows me on instagram can see! Hope you're all doing well, amidst this snow storm! 

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